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The excavation in Mulli abode

Archaeology Report 1994

On the initiative of the city of Raisio, in 1994, excavation began in the late Iron Age site of the Mulli settlement. (The text of the report is in Finnish.)

Archaeology Report 1995

In 1995, a stone structure from the Late Iron Age/Early Medieval period, and another from a later historical period were excavated in Mulli. Remains of at least four different buildings were found, but their uses and dating remained unclear. Among the finds there were metal artefacts, ceramics, fragments of loom weights, burnt clay, and artefacts from the historical period. (The text of the report is in Finnish.)

Archaeology Report 1996

In 1996, over 2000 stratigraphic units were excavated and documented in Mulli. Relatively well-preserved wooden remains, which seemed to be a part of structures were excavated also. There were signs of several buildings, but their purposes have not yet been established. The finds were mostly daub, ceramics, and fragments of loom weights. There were less metal finds than in earlier summers. An exception was a lead bronze ingot weighting 16 kg. Glass beads, spindle whorls made of bone and whetstones were also found. (The text of the report is in Finnish.)

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