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Sami Raninen

A reconstruction of a house from the 11th Century in the Krookila Center for Regional Culture in Raisio, Finland.

On the right corner is a door, beyond wich a farm yard fence can be seen. On the left side of the oven is a big clay oven that would warm the space, but also fill the room with smoke. Clay vesselss and wooden spoons have been put on the oven. In front of it, are firewood and a woodcutter's axe similar to one found during the excavation.

On the left side of the oven is a loom. The warp of loom is kept in its place by weights in the shape of disks, made of burnt clay. There is a pile of these clay weights near the oven.

In the corner is a chest, where valuables, and the master's weapons, are kept. There are also a sword and a shield, as status symbols.

Adjoining the left wall is a bench, on which there are a fleece and a gaming table. A craddle is hanging from a raft. Before the bench lie bunches of flax. The flax was used to make linen, an important textile. On the floor there is an elk hide used as a rug. People slept on the bench, or the floor and preferably near the oven.

The building has a straw roof. The walls are made of timber joint and tongue-in-groove techniques. For warmth, insulation, there is daub between the timbers. The floor is made of trampled clay.

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