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photograph 284 kB

Type: Photograph of drawing

Site: Raisio, Kansakoulunmäki Hill.

Period: Viking Age / Crusade Age / Early Middle Ages.

Dating: 12th Century.

Photographer: A.L. Hirviluoto.


Finds from Grave IV of Kansakoulunmäki Hill made it possible to research the typical of a wealthy12th Century lady wore on special occasions.

One part of the dress was a skirt made of white woollen cloth. On top of that, there was a dark woollen shirt, that was fastened at the shoulders by bronze pennannular brooches. The upper part of the shirt was turned so that it was in two layers. On her shoulders the woman wore a blue woollen shawl, or cloak whose lower rim was decorated with bronze spirals. An aproan and a headwear, both made of wool, were part of the dress too.

On the feet of the woman there were moccasin-like footwear made of leather. As jewelry, she wore a head-string made mostly of glass beads and bronze pennannular brooches.

This dress is considered by archaeologists to be a typical "better dress" of a 12th Century woman in Western Finland.


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