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ARM-RING (TYA 283: 5)

photograph 228 kB


ARM-RING (TYA 283: 5)


Type: Arm-ring, bronze.

Use: Jewel.

Site: Raisio, Ihala, Siiri cremation cemetery I.

Period: Viking Age

Dating: 800-1025 A.D.

Size: Diameter 60-66 mm, width 20-31 mm, thickness 4-6 mm.

Photographer: Arto Korhonen.


Arm-rings were the most common women's jewels in the Viking Age. They were always used in pairs, mostly however, no more than two pairs. In the Viking Age, arm-rings were quite heavy and they were generously decorated with stamps and grooves.

Found in Siiri cremation cemetery, this arm-ring has two crests and is decorated all over. In the ends there are cross-line ornaments. The inside of this ring is smooth. It was found in the same place with two other fragments of arm-ring and a pennannular brooch. Probably all these jewels belonged to the same deceased.



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Coordinates: x=20, y=70, z=18.04, r=33/45, 2nd layer.


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