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SHEARS (TYA 619: 265)

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SHEARS (TYA 619: 265)


Type: Shears, baldes broken, iron.(unit 4071).

Use: To cut wool etc.

Site: Raisio, Ihala, Mulli abode.

Period: Viking Age / Crusade Age / Early Middle Ages.

Dating: 980-1220 A.D.

Size: 141 mm × 39 mm × 16 mm.

Photographer: Antti Huittinen.

Shears are known already from the earlier Roman period (50-200 A.D.). In the Viking Age, round-headed shears like these came into use. This shape has been preserved to the present days.These shears were found in the Mulli abode. 

The wool of sheep was shorn with shears and the yarn was spun from this material. Shears could also be used to cut yarn, fur, hair, leather, and fabric. Shears have been found in both men's and women's graves.

According to the folklore, shears, like other bladed iron tools, had magical powers. These were used in magical tricks in order to repel diseases, noxious and predatory animals, and evil supernatural powers.



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Coordinates: x=98, y=506, 2nd level.


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