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BONE NEEDLE (TYA 631: 320)

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BONE NEEDLE (TYA 631: 320)


Type: Needle, unburnt bone

Use: Knitting or sewing.

Site: Raisio, Ihala, Mulli abode.

Period: Viking Age / Crusade Age / Early Middle Ages.

Dating: 980-1220 A.D.

Size: 84 mm × 6 mm × 4 mm.

Weight: 2 g.

Photographer: Antti Huittinen.


Bone needles were used in making nets, sewing and in knitting needle mittens and socks with the so-called mitten needle. This technique also known as single needle, or plain looping technique, is a commonly European handiwork technique known all the way to Africa. It was preserved late among the Baltic-Finnish peoples.

Both in Finland and Estonia the oldest mitten finds go back to 11th century. Needle mittens are known as well from men's as women's graves up till the 13th century. According to the folklore, completely white mittens were knit for the future dead in stock and a bride gave mittens knit by herself as presents to the wedding guests.



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Coordinates: x=96, y=510-511, 1st layer.


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