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WHETSTONE (TYA 642: 2685)

photograph 40 kB


WHETSTONE (TYA 642: 2685)


Type: Whetstone, with a hole in the head for fastening.

Use: To sharpen metal blades etc.

Site: Raisio, Ihala, Mulli abode.

Period: Viking Age /Crusade Age / Early Middle Ages.

Dating: 980-1220 A.D.

Weight: 13 g.

Photographer: Antti Huittinen.


There is a hole in the head of this whetstone, through which the stone was bound and carried around for sharpening of sicles and scythes. Also knives, axes and other iron utensils and weapons could be sharpened with it.



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Coordinates: x=99.8, y=513.2, z=658, unit 5572b.


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