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GLASS BEAD (TYA 642: 2931)

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GLASS BEAD (TYA 642: 2931)


Type: Half of a bead, with white strips on black ground.

Use: Jewel.

Site: Raisio, Ihala, Mulli abode.

Period: Viking Age / Crusade Age / Early Middle Ages

Dating: 980-1220 A.D.

Weight: 0.5 g.

Photographer: Antti Huittinen.


In this type of beads, the striped ornaments were probably made already on the ball blown of molten glass so that when a tube was stretched, the stripes were drawn out very thin. Similar beads are known from the cemetery of Kirkkomäki Hill in Kaarina and from Luistari in Eura. These kind of beads date back to the change of the Viking Age and Crusade Age.



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