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 Huhkonkallio Cremation Cementery

Sami Raninen
Ann-Christin Antell


uhkonkallio cemetery is the only known Iron Age cemetery in Raisio, lying east of Raisionjoki River. The cemetery is in the southeast part of a rock which is situated east of Huhko manor, near the river bank. The cemetery was discovered in 1961 when a road was being built. According to the research, a cremation cemetery was situated on the rock, and the burials have been made in rock pits and pavements of the depression. In the burials, mostly fragments of pottery and bronze jewellery have been found. These findings have been dated back to Viking Age, ca. 800-1000 A.D. Nowadays a motor highway cleaves the rock hill, and remainders of the cemetery are left on the northeast side of the highway.


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