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Siiri Cremation Cemetery

Sami Raninen


iiri Cremation Cemetery is located in Ihala, near Linnasmäki Hill, Mulli settlement and the inhumation Cemetery of Kansakoulunmäki Hill. The cemetery resides in an island of forest surrounded by fields. Siiri cemetery is a cremation cemetery, of which only some stones are visible above the ground. Cremations began in the 7th century A.D., and that was to be the most characteristic cemetery type of the early Iron Age. In this kind of funeral, the dead bodies were first burnt at the stake, after which some residuals of the stake were scattered in the cemetery between the stones or were put in groups. There can be several dozens of cremations in a cemetery.

The cemetery finds in Siiri are rich and versatile. They have been dated to Viking Age, i.e., to 9th-11th century. Siiri cemetery goes partly back to the same time as Mahittula cremation cemetery.


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