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Mobile Actors, 3G in the making

This opera in one act, for several actors was inspired by two things: the team's participation in the 3GSMWorld Conference in Cannes, February 2001, and Bruno Latour's idea of the controversies involved in technologies-in-the-making. We have tried to listen to a lot of voices around the 3rd generation of mobile communications and dramatize the scene from a designer's point of view.
Jokko Korhonen
Cilla Lönnqvist
Minna Tarkka

Thanks to:
Ville Martin - sound design
Mika Pantzar - ideas + Tulevaisuuden koti. Arjen tarpeita keksimässä (Otava, Helsinki 2000)
Timo Kopomaa - The Birth of the Mobile Information Society (Gaudeamus, Helsinki 2000)
Bruno Latour - Science in Action (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1987)
Hewlett-Packard mobile e-services bazaar
Nettime-l http://www.nettime.org/

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