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photograph 232 kB

Working oven.

Artefact type: Reconstructed clay vessels in an experimental firing.

Use: The firing of pottery in a covered kiln structure.

Location: Krookila.

Period: Modern.

Dating: 1997 A.D.

Photographer: Jari Näränen

When covering the kiln it is necessary to observe that the lid does not become too airtight. All over the lid there should be small cracks that enable minimum flow of oxygen into the kiln in order to keep the fuel burning but not too intensely.

A lot of smoke and steam will be rising from the oven at this point. The steam mainly comes from the fuel and the moist clay in the cover structure. The steamy smoke is white and moist. The vast quantity of smoke and steam may give the prospector a false impression of the status of burning inside, which easily leads into unnecessary tightening of the cover - and choking of the fire.

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