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IMAGE OF SAINT (MV 60021: 6)

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IMAGE OF SAINT (MV 60021: 6)


Type: Wooden sculpture (St. Olaf).

Use: Religious artefact.

Site: Raisio church.

Period: Late Middle Ages.

Dating: 1400-25 A.D.

Photographer: H. Malmgren.


St. Olaf (died 1030 A.D.) was a missionary king and a martyr who was devoutedly warshipped. His grave in Trondheim was the most remarkable place of pilgrimage in the Nordic countries.

This statue was made by a Lübeck sculptor. St. Olaf has a crown and an orb as the signs of his kingship and he treads underfoot the dragon, the symbol of evil. In the empty hand there has been an ax which was the sign of St. Olaf - the legend tells that he was killed with this weapon.



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