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GRAVESTONES (Raision ark. s.n.)

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GRAVESTONES (Raision srk. s.n.)


Type: Two gravestones.

Use: On grave, later as a building stone.

Site: Raisio church.

Period: Crusade Age / Early Middle Ages.

Dating: 12th century or early 13th century A.D.


These two mysterious stone-slabs were found in the early 60´s, when the church of Raisio was restored. They are a pair of old grave stones that were recycled as a threshold when the church was built sometime between the years 1480 and 1550. On the stone on the right side, a "sun-wheel", crosses in circles, animal figures (a bird and a dog or a lion) and some unclear figures are portrayed. Stones with similar representations have been found in Gotland, Sweden. The stone is probably a Christian burial marker, but the lack of a normal cross is unusual.

On the stone at the left side, a clear Christian emblem in the form of a cross-headed staff, is portrayed.



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