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ARM-RING (TYA 283: 8)

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ARM-RING (TYA 283: 8)


Type: Arm-ring, bronze.

Use: Jewel.

Site: Raisio, Ihala, Siiri cremation cemetery I.

Period: Viking Age

Dating: 800-1025 A.D.

Size: Diameter 55-70 mm, width 18-25 mm, thickness 4-6 mm.

Photographer: Arto Korhonen.

In Finland, jewellery dated to the Viking period, was mostly of native production. However, the most important material, bronze, had to be imported.

Bronze arm-rings were a common feature of women´s jewellery from the Early Roman Age, (i.e. 0 - 200 A.D.) onwards. The Viking period arm-rings were quite heavy and richly ornamented with stamps and grooves.

This example, found in the Siiri cremation cemetery, is an uncommon two-crested form. It is completely ornamented, for example, with transverse lines on the ends. It has been badly distorted in the heat of the funeral pyre.



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Coordinates: x=40, y=40, z=18.74, r=35/40, 2nd layer.


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