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CLAY POT (TYA 642: 2973)

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CLAY POT (TYA 642: 2973)


Type: Unburnt clay pot.

Use: Making, preserving and serving of food.

Site: Raisio, Ihala, Mulli abode.

Period: Viking Age / Crusade Age / Early Middle Ages.

Dating: 980-1220 A.D.

Size: Thickness of wall 12-16 mm.

Photographer: Antti Huittinen.


In one of the clay-floor layers of the house with clay floor in Mulli abode an almost whole unburnt clay pot was discovered. The pot has no decorations on it and its walls are low and relatively thick when compared with the other pottery in Mulli abode.



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Coordinates: x=110.25, y=513, z=647, unit 4650.


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