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Tuomala of Mahittula Cremation Cemetery

Sami Raninen


ahittula cremation cemetery resides on a rocky hill on the west bank of Raisionjoki River by the relief road. Nowadays the place is disrupted by roads, so there's not much left of the cemetery. There are both cremations and inhumations to be found in Mahittula. The finds are rich and versatile, and consist both male and female things. The finds date back to 7th-12th century, i.e., to Merovingian, Viking and Crusade Time. Some 20 inhumations are known, and they are dated to 11th and 12th century. These burials are contemporary with the inhumations of Kansakoulunmäki, Ihala.

The graves of Mahittula are, however, of Pre-Christian origin, as the dead have been given rich funerary gifts. In the Turku region, inhumations started at the beginning of 11th century. The first graves were richly equipped. The dead were buried in festive dresses with their tools and jewellery. In the middle of 12th century the paganly equipped inhumations were already rare in the cultural area of Western Finland.


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