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Screen Memories

Heidi Tikka

Stereoscope and interactive video projection
year of production: 1994

The installation Screen Memories consists of two parts. The interactive piece in the first room, A Child Is Being Beaten, incorporates the spectator in a violent act and unfolds as a narrative movement through changing subject and object positions. In the stereoscopic images, the spectator is made to look at a female body through the eyes of a little girl. That body is seen from the perspective of the "Self" and the "Other" respectively. In the images, the Freudian narrative on female sexuality, the "nothing to be seen", becomes reinterpreted from the little girl's point of view.

The piece consists of seven stereoscopic images in viewers mounted into podiums lit from inside. Two of the podiums are taller, forcing the spectator to climb onto little stairs in front of them. The podiums stand in a room the floor of which is covered with white clothes. The clothes are dirty, carrying a faint smell of dried mother's milk.

Concept: Heidi Tikka
Photography: Heidi Tikka
Wood constructions: Jouni Malin
Thanks to Lea Kantonen, Eeva Mäkinen, Seppo Väkevä

The piece premiered at the tm-gallery in 1994 as a solo exhibition. Together with Sovitus (1995) and the written thesis Negotiating Proper Distance (1999) it constitutes my Licentiate of Arts degree work at UIAH Finland.

Screen Memories has been exhibited at:

  • "Valokuva ja video", (Photography and Video) Sara Hildén Art Museum, Tampere, 2002
  • "Valoa", (Light) Photography Museum, Helsinki, 2000
  • "Alastomat ja naamioidut - Naisen kuva suomalaisessa taiteessa", (The Naked and the Masked - The Representations of Woman in Finnish Art) Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki, 1998
  • tm-gallery, Helsinki, 1994 (solo exhibition)

The seven stereoscopic images from the installation belong to the collection of the Photography Museum, Helsinki