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Heidi Tikka

Stereoscope and zoetrope installation
year of production: 1995

In his research on hysteria Freud paid attention to the visuality and the plasticity of hysterical recollections. He mentions that "they often seem to grow out of the daydreams which are so common even in healthy people and to which needlework and similar occupations render women especially prone". "Sovitus" can be seen as an effort to hysterize the discourse on hysteria.

The show consists of five stereoscopic images, the two of which are digitally composed and a zoetrope with a modified sewing machine. The sewing machine has a built in mechanism that rotates the zoetrope when the floor pedal of the sewing machine is pushed. The zoetrope sequence of images consists of eleven digitally composed photographs in which the repetitive movement of the tongue piercing is carried out.

Concept: Heidi Tikka
Photography: Heidi Tikka
Wood constructions: Jouni Malin
Thanks to Lea Kantonen, Eeva Mäkinen, Leena-Kaisu Hattunen, Seppo Väkevä, Matti Väisänen

The piece premiered in Photography Gallery Hippolyte in 1995 as a solo exhibition. Together with Screen Memories (1994) and the written thesis Negotiating Proper Distance (1999) it constitutes my Licentiate of Arts degree work at UIAH Finland.

Sovitus has been exhibited at:

  • Encoded identities, Otso Gallery, in conjuncion with MuuMediaFestival, Helsinki 1998
  • Fotofinlandia, Cable Factory, Helsinki 1996
  • Photography Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, 1995 (solo exhibition)