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3rd SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 11 and 12, 2002
(Just following the 40th Anniversary ACL)

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Workshop Publications

All accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings.

List of accepted papers:

Long papers

1. Nate Blaylock, James Allen and George Ferguson:
Synchronization in an Asynchronous Agent-based architecture for Dialogue Systems PDF

2. Raquel Fernandez and Jonathan Ginzburg:
Non-sentential utterances - A corpus study PDF

3. Kate Forbes and Bonnie Webber:
A Semantic Account of Adverbials as Discourse Connectives PDF

4. Peter A. Heeman, Fan Yang and Susan E. Strayer:
DialogueView - An Annotation Tool for Dialogue PDF

5. Kristiina Jokinen, Antti Kerminen, Mauri Kaipainen, Tommi Jauhiainen, Graham Wilcock, Markku Turunen, Jaakko Hakulinen, Jukka Kuusisto and Krista Lagus:
Adaptive Dialogue Systems - Interaction with Interact PDF

6. Pamela Jordan and Kurt VanLehn:
Discourse Processing for Explanatory Essays in Tutorial Applications PDF

7. Simon Keizer, Rieks op den Akker and Anton Nijholt:
Dialogue Act Recognition with Bayesian Networks for Dutch Dialogues PDF

8. Krista Lagus and Jukka Kuusisto:
Topic Identification in Natural Language Dialogues Using Neural Networks PDF

9. Staffan Larsson:
Issues under negotiation PDF

10. Oliver Lemon, Alexander Gruenstein, Alexis Battle and Stanley Peters:
Multi-tasking and Collaborative Activities in Dialogue Systems PDF

11. William Mann:
Dialogue Macrogame Theory PDF

12. Sebastian Moeller:
A new Taxonomy for the Quality of Telephone Services Based on Spoken Dialogue Systems PDF

13. Robert Porzel and Iryna Gurevych:
Towards Context-adaptive Utterance Interpretation PDF

14. Rashmi Prasad and Marilyn Walker:
Training a Dialogue Act Tagger for Human-human and Human-computer Travel dialogues PDF

15. Matthew Purver:
Processing Unknown Words in a Dialogue System PDF

16. Holger Schauer and Udo Hahn:
Events and Discourse Coherence PDF

17. Atsue Takeoka and Atsushi Shimojima:
Grounding styles of aged dyads - an exploratory study PDF

18. Weiqun Xu, Bo Xu, Taiyi Huang and Hairong Xin:
Bridging the Gap between Dialogue management and dialogue models PDF

19. Ingrid Zukerman and Sarah George:
A Minimum Message Length Approach for Argument Interpretation PDF

Short papers

1. Sharon Chu:
The prosodic transcription of a corpus of Hong Kong English - Collection Criteria, Transcription System and Preliminary Findings PDF

2. Michael Glass and Barbara DiEugenio:
MUP - The UIC Standoff Markup Tool PDF

3. Nancy Green:
An Experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of cross-media cues in computer media PDF

4. Iryna Gurevych, Robert Porzel and Michael Strube:
Annotating the Semantic Consistency of Speech Recognition Hypotheses PDF

5. Judith Hochberg, Nanda Kambhatla and Salim Roukos:
A Flexible Framework for Developing Mixed-Initiative Dialog Systems PDF

6. Elena Karagjosova and Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova:
Conditional responses in information-seeking dialogues PDF

7. Oliver Lemon, Prashant Parikh and Stanley Peters:
Probabilistic Dialogue Modelling PDF

8. Mary McGeeWood and Richard Craggs:
Rare Dialogue Acts in Oncology Consultations PDF

9. Ronnie Smith, Brian Manning, Jon Rogers, Brian Adams, Mujibur Abdul and Amaury Alvarez :
A Dialog Architecture for Military Story Capture PDF

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