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3rd SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 11 and 12, 2002
(Just following the 40th Anniversary ACL)

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Topics of Interest

We welcome formal, corpus-based, implementational and analytical work on discourse and dialogue, with a focus on the following three themes:

1. Dialogue Systems
Spoken, multi-modal, and text/web based dialogue systems including topics such as: dialogue management models (specific subproblems or general modeling, in particular models for mixed initiative and user-adaptive dialogue); speech, text, and graphics integration (for understanding or generation); contextual interpretation of dialogues and/or response planning, in particular how this contributes to natural interaction; strategies for handling or preventing miscommuncation (repair and correction types, clarification and underspecificity, grounding and feedback strategies); utilizing prosodic information for various types of disambiguation; task-driven versus conversational dialogue; evaluation of dialogue systems including task complexity measurements.

2. Corpora and Corpus Tools
Corpus-based work on discourse and spoken, text-based and multi-modal dialogue including its support, in particular: issues and problems in discourse and dialogue annotation; techniques (including machine learning), tools, coding schemes and data resources for discourse and dialogue studies; XML-based tools for dialogue access to internet information.

3. Pragmatic and/or Semantic Modeling
The pragmatics and/or semantics of discourse and dialogue (i.e., beyond a single sentence) including the following issues: the semantics/pragmatics of dialogue acts (including those which are less studied in the semantics/pragmatics framework); incremental (plan-based,topic-based, etc.) models of discourse/dialogue structure integrating referential and relational structure; modeling genre-specific aspects of discourse and dialogue structure, including the specific structural aspects of (interactive) digital media; prosody in discourse and dialogue; modeling politeness and non-recursive parts of discourse and dialogue; models of presupposition and accommodation; operational models of conversational implicature.

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