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Illuminating History by Lily Díaz, 25.IX.2000

computing method leading to a new approach to a structural problem, a flexible automated manufacturing process that imposes a new set of limitations while simultaneously creating new possibilities."9 7

Design products that are processual in nature may not yield artefacts, but rather are concerned with the classification, systematisation, standardisation of activities that lead to innovation and perhaps create artefacts. The re-engineering of the procedures involved in the transactions of financial products is an instance of how processes can be re-designed. Financial products can be characterised as immaterial, information-based, artefacts. A designer may work with the financial institution in re-organising, simplifying, and updating the rules and regulation procedures of the firm. The implementation of these re-designed procedures can result in a renewed stimulus and better support for development and distribution of both new and already existing products.

There are many ways to talk and think about design. One fruitful path may be that one of design as the link between art and science: bringing aesthetic and ethics questions to the foreground.


The word archaeologyis said to contain everything that exists in its project:
"Archaeology comes from the Greek archémeaning origin and beginning,
power and sovereignity; its adjective archaiosmeaning from the
beginning, ancient; and logos meaning account, reason, explanation,
expression, discourse."
9 8

Archaeology is the study of the ancient through the examination of material remains of human beings and its impact on the environment. 9 9

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