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Illuminating History by Lily Díaz, 25.IX.2000

presence of ritual and other rites de passage.11 1At the collective and social levels, boundaries come into sharp relief during times of upheaval and change. For example, in the case of the realm of knowledge, these upheavals might signal the occurrence of deep paradigmatic shifts.1 1 2

The emergence of the Information Society is a phenomenon where the boundaries of space, time and knowledge have been contested. In this volatile landscape new disciplines have arisen from the intersection of traditional forms of knowledge. Cognitive science, Computer Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW), Human- Computer Interaction (HCI), and New Media are but a few examples of new areas and practices that have come into being in the very recent past, and as a direct result, of the introduction of the computer into areas related to the production of knowledge:

"Those of us who have lived close to the development of the modern computer...have noticed the growing communications among intellectual disciplines that takes place around a computer. We have welcomed it because it has brought us into contact with new worlds of knowledge-- helped us combat our won multiple cultures of isolation. This breakdown of old disciplinary boundaries has been much commented upon, and its connection with computers and information sciences often noted."1 1 3

It is plausible to argue that this breakdown of boundaries and the emergence of these new disciplines, stems from a need to fill in gaps in knowledge. XXX(Insert quotes from NFS report here.) This knowledge is deemed as necessary to further develop the emergent Information Society infrastructure. In the drive for creating ever more complex systems, the search for new ideas and explanations about how both humans and computers process information becomes a priority.

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