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by Lily Díaz

(Figure 1: Main page of website) <http://www.mlab.uiah.fi/Mulli>

The project that I will present today, is one example of such collaborative efforts. This project, Illuminating History: Through the Eyes of Media, that has been my doctoral dissertation project, has been realized through a collaboration involving students from the University of Turku, Department of Anthropology and studentsfrom the Media Lab. Sponsors of the project: Academy of Finland, Research Institute at UIAH and Raisio City Hall.

This is an aerial view of the area comprising the city of Raisio
(Figure 2: Webpage showing archaeology sites.)<http://mlab.uiah.fi/Mulli/html/paikat/paikat.html>

Among the deliverables for the project, which is scheduled for completion by December of 2000, are:

1. A monograph on models that can help us better understand the nature of collaborative work between people from diverse disciplines working with computers.

2. A digital archive, very much along the lines of work of regional archives that was presented yesterday on the session on: "Preservation and Handing Down of regional Culture through Information Technology".

The digital archive I have designed comprises of digital representations of artifacts from an excavation in the Raisio City area in southwest Finland. The period of the finds corresponds to late Iron Age to early Middle Ages.

(Figure 3: Sample of artefact.) <http://mlab.uiah.fi/Mulli/html/media/valokuva/tya642-2905.html>

(In Finland that is roughly 900 A.D. to 1100 AD) Other items belonging to later periods have also been added to the archive as have artifacts that used to belong to the city of Raisio but which had been removed for conservation and preservation by the National Board of Antiquities.

(Figure 4: Sample of artefact.) <http://mlab.uiah.fi/Mulli/html/media/valokuva/mv4419-1.html>

I will now review a brief sample of some of the vocabulary and concepts that I have been working on in the monograph.