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Title of course: Systems of Representation 2001
Dates: 27.11 - 26.3
Time: 14:00-17:00
Place: Media Lab, lecture room and NMC
Teacher: Lily Díaz, Derek Fewster and invited lecturers
Credits: 1-2

Starting from a premise of "culture as interface", this course seeks to explore diverse strategies of representation and how these are deployed in different time periods and cultures. The course is intended to prepare students who are interested in acquiring or developing skills for visualisation of information and knowledge in the humanities and, to some extent, the social sciences. In addition, the students will learn about key aspects of the current debate on the dynamics of representation.

The course will consist of lectures and workshops. Nine lectures will be offered. (See class schedule below.) In addition there will be two workshops. The workshops are time slots set aside for the students to work, with the instructor, on developing and realizing ideas emerging from the materials presented in the lectures. In the first workshop students will work on hypothetical representations of the Foucaltian concept of episteme. In the second workshop the students will work on the representation of space.

Students will be required to prepare a final presentation. In this presentation the student will develop their ideas related to one of the themes from the lectures and workshops. Students can work alone or, preferably, as part of a team.

Some suggestions for methods to be used in the presentations are:

1. 2. 3. Sketches on paper to illustrate a spoken presentation.
Descriptive narratives read by the presenter.
Interactive presentations, created using new media tools, and delivered to the audience by the student. (Preferred.)

The student's work will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

30% attendance and participation
30% Work created in the workshops
40% Final presentation

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