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Heidi Tikka

interactive video projection
year of production: 2001

The piece documents a day on a beach just outside the city of Helsinki and the moments of intimacy, hurt and anger between mother and child, when the camera intervenes in their relationship. The installation maps two spaces onto each other: the space of the video and the floor of the gallery. The narrative will only unfold when the visitor moves towards the projection, simulating the movement that follows the trajectory of the camera.

Concept: Heidi Tikka
Interactivity programming: Juhana Kallio
Produced in collaboration with Media Lab UIAH

Technical information:
The order of the digital video sequences is being controlled by a video camera and a motion detector system, with which the space in front the projection is being monitored.

The piece premiered as "Remembering, passing through" in conjunction with "granice/borders" -project, curated by Malgorzata Liciewicz, Baltic Sea Culture Centre, Gdansk, Poland in November 2001. Reflecting on the idea of "borders", the installation addressed a specific boundary, that of the unstable threshold of intimacy between mother and child.